I have had many opportunities to share the gospel with many different people along the way.  On a flight to London I struck up a conversation with a young man who was born in Russia, raised in Israel and said that he was a Jewish atheist.  Upon his statement that he was an atheist and not religious, I told him that was glad that he wasn’t religious but to me life made no sense to me without God. He looked at me like he had never been challenged to think in this manner. We were able to have a short conversation but we had to part ways after we landed in London. I did give him a gospel tract that he immediately began reading as he walked away from me in the airport. I pray that he will come to know his Messiah and I hope that someday I will meet him again, if not here then in eternity

 Are you equipped and always ready to share the hope that is within you?  Please pray for me to be ready and I will pray for you that the Lord might use us in the winning of souls for His glory!