Beatrice and the Boy Next Door

Life is pretty great for a little girl, growing up on the West Coast of British Columbia.

However, when you are in the shadows of four amazing older siblings, you can somehow get lost in all of the activity. What can a little girl do, to make a contribution into the lives of those she cares about? What can she even do to get noticed? How can she add value to the lives of her neighbours and family? Thankfully, happy days are just around the corner for this little girl.

Oh, and did I forget to say? Her name is Beatrice.

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Step into the adventure

Ever wonder what it would be like to experience life in all of its fullness? This book is for anyone who wants to walk by faith, and to discover all that God has in store for their life. Full of humour and wit, this memoir is overflowing with ideas for families, encouragement for women, and a challenge for anyone’s walk with God. Whether you currently find yourself in sickness or in health, be brave and step into the adventure.

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About the Author

Full time missionary, pastor’s wife, and homeschool mother of four, Vicki
now makes her home near Atlanta, GA. Proud of her Canadian roots, and her British citizenship, she is passionate about worship, family and history. Coffee is quite high on the list too! Above all, she is passionate about living life fully, and walking with her God.

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