GO TEAM Missions

This page is a general discussion of the future possibilities of a Gospel Outreach (GO) Team mission between your church and Emmanuel & Associates for the purpose of reaching lost people with the gospel in the United Kingdom (UK).  This method of mission is nothing that is new or unique to churches in the UK.  We have used this approach to evangelism over many years.  Our GO TEAM partnerships are with evangelical churches to help them reach out to their communities with the gospel.


The GO TEAM model involves a partnership commitment between churches and Emmanuel & Associates.  It has been found that the “one off mission” becomes an event (and not a process) that soon fizzles after the GO TEAM leaves.  A longer term commitment is much more productive because it helps UK churches to set longer range goals which gives the ministry of evangelism time to work its way through the breadth of the host churches and their local communities.  We have found that three years is just about right period of time for a productive ministry to take place.  This three-year partnership also helps to prevent exhaustion or dependency on the part of any of the parties in the partnership.  At the end of the each year all parties can evaluate and reassess the need to carry on for the next year.  But, it is suggested that unless there is some major change of circumstances that the partnership will last for the duration of the three-year commitment.


We are commanded to go and make disciples and there are many UK churches that are struggling.  Some of them are even dying.   The churches that truly want help can be revitalized with the help of their brothers and sisters in Christ who have resources that can be shared.  While GO TEAMS are not the total answer the problems of the churches, GO TEAMS are a valuable resource that can act as a catalyst to the churches that they have come to serve.  The initial response to the GO TEAM is that host churches are generally encouraged.  This encouragement raises their hope and expectation to see the Lord work amongst them.  The overall purpose of our GO TEAM missions should be to *S.E.E.E.E.E.churches effectively communicate the Gospel and fulfill the Great Commission in every home in their community, (city, and nation).  *(Serve, Encourage, , Engage, Evangelize, Envision and Equip) 


The missions are usually (but not exclusively) in the summer for a period that is usually ten days in duration. It has been found that the optimum time periods for these missions in the UK is the last week in May through the third week in July.  This time works best because the North American schools are out for the summer and the UK schools are still in session. This allows the teams opportunities to work with the schools to proclaim the Truth.  It is a good time of year in the UK for good weather that usually brings more openness from British people to have conversations on their doorsteps, in parks, and markets, etc.  The dates of the mission are set each year by Emmanuel & Associates after consultation with the churches.


In the past these GO TEAM missions consist of helping the host church in various ways:  Outreach into the community by doing: –  Door to door evangelism and surveys-  Open air preaching and/or choir concerts-  Street and park evangelism-  Grace evangelism (i.e. washing windows, helping to clean up public areas, and different types of voluntary efforts that effect the community, etc.)-  School assemblies, cultural talks in classes, sharing personal faith stories in Religious Education classes-  Evangelistic youth rallies and after school children’s clubs-  Football (soccer) camps, holiday bible clubs, etc.-  Seminars for the church membership on evangelism (i.e. Contagious Christianity), how to manage your money, Great Commission discipleship training, etc.-  Helping to establish Network Evangelism (Prayer, Care, & Share with unbelieving people where we Live, Work, and Play).  This involves Christians building “Trust Relationships” with those that are lost in their community.-  These projects and more are open to negotiations between Emmanuel & Associates and churches.  We are always open to listen to new methods and ideas in effectively communicating the gospel-  Help with repair and renovation of existing premises.


1.  Emmanuel & Associates (E&A) E&A functions as vision building architects and developers of the partnership and strategies for reaching communities with the gospel.  We are equal partners with the serving and host churches. E&A need to be consulted on any decisions that would alter the process of the mission(s) endeavor.  Therefore E&A should be included in all correspondence between all of the mission partners.

2.  SERVING GO TEAMS The Serving GO TEAMS usually number from six to sixteen. The number of team members depends on how many people are needed by the UK host church and how many people the Lord has called to come on the mission from the serving churches.  The teams can be made up of youth, adults, or a mixture of ages depending upon the focus and purposes of the mission.  Teams can also on occasion consist of people from different churches.

3.  HOST (UK) CHURCHES Emmanuel & Associates helps to develop a mission strategy that links spiritually healthy evangelical serving churches and individuals with evangelical host churches that may be struggling or need help with outreach projects.  In addition representatives from UK Churches that are interested in GO TEAMS with other UK churches could join a GO TEAM mission in process.  They might be able to benefit from valuable hands on experience and then possibly lead a team from their church to do GO TEAMS in the future.


For many years GO TEAM missions have been organized through Emmanuel & Associates International that specialize in recruiting, coordinating and evaluating churches to bring about a partnership.  The travel expenses of these missions are the responsibility of the Serving GO TEAMS.  The cost of this expense would not be feasible for most of the hosts.  Often UK host churches provide meals and accommodation in the church building or in the church members homes.  On some occasions the serving church will pay for their accommodation and meals in the local area if the host church is not able to accommodate the team.  These types of arrangements are usually a result of a coordinated effort between the churches and Emmanuel & Associates. May we be in prayer as we simply follow Jesus as He promised to make us fishers of men.  If you have any questions, please get in touch with us,