A blessed year.

We’ve had a blessed year.  Lots of travel, some sickness, much blessing – We (Wyatt & Vicki) were able to travel together in ministry for the first time in several years, and we hope it will happen more and more in the future!   We met in ministry, and think we work really well together!

Christmas will be here soon.  Let’s remember to be intentional this year.  To use this time of year to love and give and share the love of Christ with others.  May we not just cruise through the traditions and forget to be PERSONAL!   My favorite movie quote is, “Whatever else it is, it should START by being PERSONAL!”   Loving people and choosing not to be mediocre is an exciting way to live.  It will stretch me beyond where I am comfortable and I will have to trust God.   And that’s always a good thing.  

Praying for you all an intentional, meaningful Christmas, with Christ at the center!    If you would like to donate to this ministry, please go to this page click on the donate button to give electronically.   May the Lord bless  you and yours!   Merry Christmas!